Maintenance and servicing are one of the largest cost factors for rail operators, regardless of the fact that they might be passenger transport or freight traffic, state or privately run...

Digitalisation saves 20 percent of maintenance costs

...For railway expert Schwilling both topics are closely linked: “Digitalisation is a good approach to increasing efficiency: This means that rail operators can save around 20 percent of the costs in maintenance alone. As this allows for longer and more flexible maintenance intervals to be achieved, with shorter downtimes. The decisive factor is, however, that digitalisation is correctly understood and implemented.”...
  • VELA provides you with the necessary data for you to optimise your fleet operations.
  • VELA can continuously monitor system components such as doors, air conditioning, folding steps, sanitary facilities, etc.
  • VELA detects a wide range of faults and reports them immediately, together with all relevant additional information
  • VELA does much more!
  • VELA detects gradual wear, sporadic malfunctions and warns before component failure
  • The evaluation of statistical data allows maintenance to be planned to meet requirements.
What can you derive from these data?
  • Live status of the components being monitored
  • Prediction of system malfunctions
  • The necessary condition-based maintenance intervals
What are the benefits of VELA
  • Optimisation of maintenance intervals
  • Increased availability
  • Significant reduction in operating costs
  • Avoidance of penalties
  • Reduced number of replacement trains required
  • Increased punctuality